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When nature calls and there’s no one there to answer, you need nature’s answering machine!

Random Noodle Updates

Daniel’s mom is a worm.

Jeremy isn’t man enough to dispense the whipped cream.

Jenny was funny.

Your funny stuff

Tim sent us some coffee-shop giftcards and also these photos:

Mary sent us a the-Ramen-Noodle version of “Call Me Maybe.”

Noodles in the News

Upcoming theme: childhood leftovers

We want to have a themed episode about the funny child-like things we still do when we should have grown out of them. Or this is a great time to tell the hilarious childhood things you did that you’re now embarrassed about.

Think of things you did, said, believed, wore, and more!

Tell us something funny!

Whether you have a funny life story, you saw something funny, or you have a joke, please share your funny stuff with us:

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