tRN109: A little talkshow in my head


Bite the bullet and tell Siri to shut up during church.

This image was from Heather, and we made it into our fake sponsor.

Random Noodle Updates

  • Daniel’s iPad spoke up in church
  • Jeremy is the offspring of Belle and the Beast

Your funny stuff

Kristen wonders if she knows Ian, but she’s not a stalker because she doesn’t have “a Facebook.” Future date?

@mickey1912 was helping our Once Upon a Time podcast find a fictional timeline tool, and spoke with a programmer:

Programmer: What do you mean fictional??

Me: Like not real … imagine a timeline for Lord of the Rings

Programmer: But you said is was suppose to be fictional??

Weekly Noodlism: “bite the bullet”

Is this an insult or a dental procedure? RoseIsDancin4Christ suggested this.

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