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We don’t have Smurfs, but we do have skin beasts and TNT!

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Random Noodle Updates

  • Jeremy woke up next to Siri, who tried to kill him, so Jeremy had a candle urge.
  • Jenny has a skin beast, according to a recent doctor visit:

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  • Daniel and Ian had a “father”/”son” bonding time with some TNT.

Your funny stuff

It’s Colin’s birthday! So he gave us a gift to celebrate, and he suggests we say, “Everything’s nasty.”

This reminded Daniel of teaching in schools and tricking kids into hating their parents.

Tioma also sent us a song through our Christian movie reviews podcast.

Weekly Noodlism: “pull it off”

If you want to do something well, why would you want to pull it off? This makes for awkward conversations, including thoughts of Lady Gaga.

Noodles in the News

Customer reviews on the Playmobile Security Check Point.

An awesome to-do list.

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 tRN108: Skin Beast

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