tRN104: Where is my rocket launcher?


Just keep waddling on with your British accent and everything will be okay. But that begs the question, what are moose chickens?

Random Noodle Updates

  • Daniel saw a Jehovah’s Witness Stress Test.
  • Jeremy can’t find an important tool for his job.
  • Daniel also lost a couple important friends:

Unfriended on April Fool's day

Your funny stuff

Dayna sent us a Ramen infographic:

We Love Ramen Infographic
Created by:

(You still here after that gigantic image?)

Katie wrote to us:

Hi Ramen Noodle crew! I Love (with a capital L) your podcast! I wanted to tell you a funny story about a funny nickname I have given my (sometimes) funny friends. My friend (who I am not going to name because she might listen to this . . . ) sits next to me in science and I have a habit of poking her with my pencil. Last week we were at the computer lab, and I poked her for the umpteenth time. She was mad and whispered, “What am I, roast chicken?!” (No clue where that came from . . . ). I nodded, and then her boyfriend, who was sitting across from us, wrote a note (because our teacher was walking by) and held it up. It said, “Now she’s a MOOSE CHICKEN?” He needs new ears. Or maybe we should talk louder. Anyways, guess what my friends’ new nickname is? That’s right (or wrong, depending on what you said) —— Moose Chicken.

Goodbye and Adios (insert THAT’S REDUNDANT! sound clip) Moose Chickens of the world.

KitKatKate AKA Moose Chicken AKA Whatever I Feel Like Being Called Today

P.S I just reread my email and realized I made a mistake I know you’ll probably make fun of on the show. I put: “I said nooded” which makes absolutely no sense. I meant: “I nodded”. Please insert that there. Please! *insert either puppy dog or bambi eyes* Thanks!

And we received some jokes from Bill and Beckie.

Weekly Noodlism: “begs the question”

Next time someone improperly uses the phrase, “begs the question” (most people misuse it), drop down on your knees and beg them with the question!

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