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Justin Bieber action figures


If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it could be Jeremy’s niece, or this podcast. Listen now to find out!

Random Noodle Updates

  • Jeremy wants a Justin Bieber action figure [via Joel Leineweber], Jeremy’s niece is a duck, and Jeremy recounts our visit to Jungle Jim’s
  • Jenny sheds fart dust in the backyard
  • Daniel was so convincingly wrong about church

Your funny stuff

Linda’s son can see all the constipations in the world. Constipatiavision? Nathan (@Jadeth30) is getting married, and he likes our psychological wedgies. Wait—what?

Noodles in the News

Yoda unleashes The Force in epic Japanese noodle commercial [via Dvice]:

Leftovers Dating Site: Swedish Online Service Pairs Up Suitors With Last Night’s Cuisine (we don’t endorse their ideas of relationships)

Coming soon: a Once Upon a Time podcast!

We’re launching an exciting new podcast to talk about ABC’s TV show Once Upon a Time. We’re still in initial production, but watch for future announcements.

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  • http://twitter.com/bydesign bydesign

    Thanks for titling the podcast after my tweet. In case you were wondering the Justin Bieber doll was in the Barbie section of the store!

    I also wanted to point out that if you google "zombie dating" you get some very funny looking results, all of which I was scared to click on.

    • http://noodle.mx Daniel J. Lewis

      You're looking up "zombie dating" and shopping for Justin Bieber dolls in the Barbie aisle? Joel, I'm worried about you.