tRN073: Ladyfingers (featuring @JSteinklauber)


Colonel Sanders, Minnie Mouse, the Queen of England, back hair, and even John Steinklauber are kicking in the funny seat and blowing up firecrackers in the back seat.

Random Noodle Updates

  • Daniel had an alien-crop-circle sunburn (or maybe a PodCamp Cincinnati logo?).
    Daniel's alien-crop-circle sunburn
  • John freezes people at work, Daniel suspect John actually works at his former employer.

Your funny stuff

  • A science experiment on monkeys

John enjoys firecrackers

Noodles in the news

  • Jeremy overmedicated and got married!
  • A local grocery, Meijer, had an ad that was terrible if spoken and not read.
    Gentle Naturals Baby Poo (Pooh)

Upcoming changes

the Ramen Noodle™ will finally start season three on July 18. There will be a new theme song and the return to weekly episodes! There may even be a new website.

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