tRN072: I Want to Hug Them


Cute nieces, sleeping stories, eHarmony, cats, Lady Gaga, and blessings!

“I Perform this Way” by “Weird Al” Yankovic

Random Noodle Updates

Debbie’s eHarmony video

Lady Gaga in a Mexican restaurant

Lady Gaga in a Mexican restaurant

Upcoming changes

the Ramen Noodle™ will finally start season three on July 18. There will be a new theme song and the return to weekly episodes! There may even be a new website.

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  • JD_RadioCSS

    Great show guys!

    Jeremy: Loved the Jungle Jam reference in the beginning!

    Daniel: I think your "Lady Gaga" might be a depiction of La Llorona, a character from Mexican folklore. It was a Mexican restaurant after all. :) I'm not 100% certain, but that was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the picture. Maybe another listener can confirm or deny this?

    Looking forward to the new season; especially the new theme song. I like having set theme music rather than the random intro songs. But that’s just my opinion; I’m sure there are those who don’t mind it.

    By the way, I enjoy having Jenny on the show. It adds a new dynamic to the podcast. (Happy belated birthday, Jenny.)

    Anyway, keep ‘em coming.


    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Thanks, JD! Yes, the random intro songs aren't my favorite, either. I prefer a consistent brand ("We're different every time!" is not a good brand), but couldn't use the old theme song because I'm no longer lonely!

  • @pastdue

    Wow, great video! I need to share this.

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      I'm assuming you're referring to the eHarmony video. I can see the blog post now: "Don't confuse your personal brand with cats."