tRN071: I Liked His Belly Button


You’ll need a brown paper bag to accompany this clean-comedy podcast episode.

“I’m Readin’ a Book” by Julian Smith

Random Noodle Updates

  • Daniel saw a guy stealing oxygen in a tank.
  • Jeremy saw a baby dusting.
  • Jenny was numbed by the dentist.

Noodles in the news

Money-Shredding Alarm Clock Is Completely Unforgiving [via Mashable]

Why Flip Video’s Inventor Is Starting a High-Tech Grilled Cheese Empire [via Mashable]

Your funny stories

  • Heather’s homeopathic doctor gave her a brown paper bag.
  • Winnie broke her arm and was casually rushed to the hospital.
  • Drew sent a couple doctor jokes.
  • Anna went to a navel hospital.

Jeremy gets Portal 2!

Thanks to your support through our affiliate links, Jeremy will now get Portal 2!

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  • Another Jenny

    I love the show, and thanks for introducing me to Julian Smith!

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Thank you, you're welcome, and I'm sorry. 😛

      I'm glad you're enjoying it! You should send us something funny sometime.