tRN056: Happy Gratesgiving


What are you grateful—er, thankful—for? We also talk about GetAddicted (think something sticky), police, cast iron, and more.

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Where’s the new theme song?

We have a new theme song for the Ramen Noodle™ and we want your help! We plan to record it in a fashion similar to our old theme—a cappella. But we want more voices this time. Can you help?

We don’t need great vocal talent. Singing “doo” or “bum bum bum” or “chchchchch” is perfectly acceptable—in fact, that’s what I want! We’ll sing the only lyrical section.

Please email if you can help and we’ll send some PDF sheet music, a synthesized recording of your part, and a MIDI file in case you want to import it into GarageBand or a similar program. Let us know if you prefer hard or simple.

Random Noodle Updates

  • Daniel didn’t finish being a gentleman to his wife and left her hanging.
  • Jeremy got pulled over again, this time without his pants.

Weekly Noodlism: “cast iron”

Although you’ve probably heard the term “cast iron” refer to cooking items or other objects, you should, instead, take it as a command to cast iron at something or someone.

Featured theme and feedback: what are you thankful for?

We share a whole lot of things we’re thankful for and thankful to not have, including feedback from David, Patty, Zackmann, and John Wilkerson.

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