tRN035: Enchilada Time Loop


After eating Chick-Fil-A’s Spicy Chicken sandwich (very tasty, but they’re not a sponsor), we spice up the podcast by welcoming Daniel’s fiancée Jenny and we hear them tell the funny highlights of their romance.

Random Noodle Update

Upcoming: life after Lost

In episode 36, we’ll talk about life after Lost, and what Lost has done for our lives. Send your ideas to or (903) 231-2221.


  • Our weird-food friend Chuck shares his latest concoction: ramen noodle tacos (he gets lots of points for this!)

Featured story: it started with enchiladas

Daniel and Jenny share some funny highlights from their relationship: meeting, dating, and engagement.

Bachelor Bootcamp: communal space

If you have a housemate or roommate, you need some important tips for how to share communal space.

Coming to a PodCamp near Columbus!

We’ll be hosting a live show and following Q&A at PodCamp Ohio. Come see us!



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