tRN028: Cloverfield Camping LAGHLAGHLAGHLAGHLAGH


Baking a computer in the oven, Trololololo, camping horror story, bathroom towels, and the cat is still escaping from the bag! You should listen to this episode now!

Random Noodle Updates


Featured Story: Jeremy’s camping adventure

Jeremy likes camping so much that he was committed to going camping even if no one else would go with him. This story is a mixture of cheesy horror-movie-like effects, typical male directions-handling, starvation, pants on the ground, and the little monsters from Cloverfield.

Bachelor Bootcamp: towels

There is no logic behind needing a new towel every time you shower because you should be getting clean in the shower, using a clean towel to dry off, so a single towel should last months!

Explanation of recent Weekly Noodlism

Brad paid us back for hijacking his show, The Thin Ice Podcast, by explaining to us the origin of “letting the cat out of the bag”:

In the Days of Yore, when a person went to market to purchase a piglet, the piglet vendor would have all the piglets prepackaged in burlap sacks. (Otherwise, the vendor would have piglets running all over the marketplace.) Some unscrupulous vendors whom were taking large piglet orders would replace one or two pigs with………..wait for it……….wait for it…………..cats. (Stray cats are apparently cheaper than piglets).

The customer would return home to the family farm and in the process of unbagging his piglets, would “let the cat out of the bag” thus revealing the truth about the transaction.



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