tRN022: Guys Have Split-Ends, Too!

play audio tRN022: Guys Have Split Ends, Too!

Don’t buzz off. Run. Run to this podcast and listen to us celebrate Google Buzz with ideas for telling someone to “buzz off” and more.

Random Noodle Updates

  • Man snorts in church
  • Lost dog poster with phone number on it

Noodlism: “dumbfounded” definition: “to make speechless with amazement; astonish.”

Should mean “found dumb.”

Feature: Buzz Off!

In honor of Google Buzz, we have several suggestions for how to tell the annoyances in your life to buzz off.

  • “Make like a tree and get out of here”—Back to the Future
  • “Make like a church and split”
  • “Make like my bowels and move”
  • Throw mud on them, but only if they’re the right age
  • And more!

Bachelor Bootcamp: folding clean clothes

If you don’t properly fold your clothes, then disaster could ensue!



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 tRN022: Guys Have Split Ends, Too!

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