tRN016: The Movie Sequels and Prequels of 2010


Jeremy, my housemate Mike, and I talk about what we expect to dread seeing in the theaters in 2010.

The Seasoning packets

    • Back from Christmas and a happy new year!
    • Is 2010 pronounced “twenty-ten” or “two-thousand ten”? Perhaps knows!
    • Expected movie sequels and prequels in 2010:
      1. District 10
      2. 10
      3. Ten
      4. Oceans 10
      5. The Whole Ten Yards
    • Google Voice transciption (hey, NLcast! I did it first!) of Wayne
      ‘s voicemail (including French!):

Hey Daniel, This is Wayne Henderson over at media voice overs, dot, com and of course you can call me on Twitter at. T. W. W. H, which is sharper tuning in with Wayne Anderson. I’ve enjoyed last few episodes of the Roman noodle actually enjoyed almost all of them and in fact they’ve been moved to. If I don’t wanna learn some French because of your experience with French and taking your advice on how to properly squeak French and let me preface all this by saying I can’t wait to find out how your google voice translation service State transcribes does for you. But basically, that I speak French. In a way that makes it sound like you’re about the apartment. I guess I’m taking. At the heart information of a from you as I try to ask politely for a cheese on that. Here we go. I got him off. Hi Jim cost.


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  • Jeremy L.

    The URL I promised would be in the show notes, but which our fearless Noodle did not include, is 😀

  • the Ramen Noodle

    Oops! Thanks! I added it to the show notes.