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We dig into the archive and pancake around the ball.

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Hi Flegon and Daniel,

I was trying to prove to my dad that if I stood on the rake it wouldn’t hit my face because the handle was slightly crooked. I was wrong. brooze number 1.

about 6 months later (last week) I was at a place called infinity. The room I was in had mirrors for the floor, walls and roof. The lights flashed on and off and lasers created a star like effect. After playing for a while I tried to find the exit. I forgot to keep my hands in front of me, and I walked full pelt into a mirror.
Yes, I am either clumsy, or just plain stupid.


PS.I am a 12 year old girl from Australia. (back in 9-30-10)

After Daylight Stupid Time, three years ago, Chuck had a surprise.

I woke up panicking that I was half-an-hour late and wondering why my alarm didn’t go off. Then I remembered and went back to sleep.


There are only so many ways you can spend that hour. I watched a movie and then when the hour started over i had to restart the movie because if i hadnt there would have been some serious time loop problems with me watching two differnt parts of the same movie at the same time

geez wat else would u do?


Maybe married now?

Hey Ramen noodle, this is Ian from Indiana, I’m a big fan and I have a funny story that I would like to share.


Just kidding. So there’s this girl I like named Jenna (but that’s not what the story’s about) so I was hanging out in PE/gym and she’s dribbling a basket ball or something, and I say something probably hitting on her or something and she throws the ball at me. I catch it, but she threw it really hard so it jammed my thumb, anyway, it hurt for a while. That night I decide to pull a prank on her and wrap my thumb in gaws and tell her that she broke it or something. The next day in first period, I put the gaws on my thumb and tell her that I got it X-rayed and the Doctor said it was broken. For a minute, I think she believed me but she didn’t really have any sympathy anyway. a few minutes later I say, “just kidding, it’s not broken”, I can’t remember what she said, but I was saying stuff like, “man, that was a good prank, I mean you’ve gotta admit that was good, I had you for minute there”, I was really proud of myself, then she says, “Ian, your fly’s unzipped.”

Thanks for the laughs!

Ian (11/13/10)

Nichole (@catgirlwog) and Kari (@karibear09) sent us some amazingly creative feedback (scroll up)!

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  • karibear

    Yay the ball got through to you guys! Glad you all enjoyed it :) had some gr8 laughs listening to u all enjoy it! Wish I coulda listened live but work got in the way, boo! And like the ball said keep being awesome!!!

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  • Mikel Withers

    So… listening to old podcasts, trying to catch up…and you actually read Maginnis’ letter on episode 51. Now, I understand that you had some other things going on around that time, but it turns out, you aren’t as bad at keeping up to date on feedback as you thought.

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Ha ha. Thanks!

      • Mikel Withers

        Hmmmm, and Ian’s letter was read in episode 57! I listened to the Daylight savings podcast, and Chuck’s letter was in that one, however, I don’t remember hearing Alexandra’s, so it is possible that I am caught in a sideways time loop. (I would look up which episode was the Daylight savings one…but I realized when I started typing that this sounded kind of fanboy-ish…so I won’t.)