Love Cheese and Ponies – tRN137

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Grab some Skittles because this episode will make you unreasonably monkey-happy!

Random Noodle Updates

Daniel’s “5 minutes of awkward silence” (from Ignite Cincinnati 8) was his biggest success! He also had a birthday and Gollum came.

Jeremy was something.

Jenny told the behind-the-scenes details of Daniel’s surprise birthday party.

Your funny stuff

Hello everyone!

After your last episode I just have to say that it pretty much made my day how much air time and discussion ensued because of my iTunes review. Haha! And yes, I am not that much younger than you – 24.. But I can be 88 years old if you want me too be :)

Anyway… In case you are all still curious what was in the bag I included a shot of, I did peak. Sorry to say that none of you guessed it. Neither did I for that matter. It was too simple – a small fluffy black dog! I guess we just needed to think like a 5 year old…

Hope you are all doing well!


Mr. Bezzantine, from The Laughing Mongoose, sent us his story about a man’s face in the toilet.

EllieActive wished Daniel a British happy birthday.

Bonus pictures

ErinJ’s gift to the Ramen Noodle:


Screaming monkey from Woot:


Upcoming theme: childhood leftovers

We want to have a themed episode about the funny child-like things we still do when we should have grown out of them. Or this is a great time to tell the hilarious childhood things you did that you’re now embarrassed about.

Think of things you did, said, believed, wore, and more!

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