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Recycleate and get ready to find the nut you love.

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Random Noodle Updates

Daniel restored his murdered puppy with Dropbox!

Jeremy is what the fox says.

Jenny’s big-phone fascination:


Hey Daniel, Jeremy, and Jenny! I just wanted to send in a story about an argument me and a friend had. It was in science class and we were discussing whether both chemical and physical changes give off heat. We were discussing “if a rock rolls down a mountain does it get warm?’ In the heat of the argument my friend yelled “If a goat rolls down a mountain does it get hot!?” Suddenly the room went quiet and everybody looked at us. He looked at the teacher then said “Well does it!?” The teacher just said “Well I guess it would get a little warm…” He then looked at me, nodded, gathered his stuff, and left the classroom. Everyone in our science class now asks us this to tease us.

Love the show,

Weekly Noodlism: “even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then”

Better yet, imagine a blind geezer leading a blind squirrel to the blind nut in the blind geyser.

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